The Printing Broker is a skilled specialist who not only knows printing, but as well, knows the shop that has the best facilities (at any given time) to produce your job in a qualitative and economical way.

True.  He hasn't his own shop.  But in these days of crippling overhead, isn't that an advantage?  Delivery on time?  His contract with the printer he selects to produce your job is firmer than any relationship that you can have with your printer, simply because HIS printers depend on him to continue to bring in work, day after day.

Two mark-ups?  Well, what makes you think that there isn't a salesperson's mark-up buried in the prices your present printer charges?  Of course there is!  The broker has a special relationship with his printers and there is only one sales mark-up, because that's the only way either one of them can remain competitive.

Chances are that you are enjoying  and amiable relationship with your present printer.  Why upset that relationship?  No need to... not if you're really convinced that you're getting the best price, service and quality on your printing needs.  All printers state that their service is the best and that their prices are amongst the lowest.  But there is scarcely a printer in business today who can give you the BEST prices and the BEST service on EVERYTHING you need.  Why?  Simply because some printers are equipped to perform best on large quantity runs.  Others are better suited at medium quantity production.  Rarely can a printer, truthfully, be all things to all jobs simply because he's locked in to the equipment on his floor.  In fact, some jobs are not produced in his own shop, though he might give you the impression that they are.  When his presses are incompatible with what has to be produced, he becomes a broker too.  He farms it out!

As printing brokers, we know the best printer for the job... we find the shop which has the best facilities to produce your work on schedule and at the most economical price.

And WE take full responsibility for on-time delivery and your satisfaction with the product.  That's the only way we can expect to earn your confidence.

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