Harry Babins working on a Lino-type Machine circa 1950.

Duchess Sales Ltd. was formed in 1981 by Harry Babins as a part-time business for a second source of income.

In the trade since 1945, Harry's knowledge and natural sales ability provided him the background and skill to sell printing.  The marketplace for selling at that time was based on price and quality, and Harry's experience as a typographer allowed him to develop and explore a niche selling "service".  Operating from home - with a low overhead - and the combination of being able to sell service at lower prices proved to be most beneficial.

Harry continued expanding his client base, as well as the services he offered, until June 1983 when it became obvious that Duchess Sales Ltd. needed to expand; his son Gerry joined the firm.  Sales had increased steadily from $10,000 in 1981 to $37,000 in 1983.  While learning the trade, Gerry developed his natural ability as a salesman.

In 1986 the business had grown considerably and Harry finally devoted all his time to Duchess Sales.  With two full time people selling printing, the business experienced rapid growth.  In 1987 a warehouse was opened renting space from one of our suppliers.  Three more moves to larger quarters, sharing with colleagues to minimize expenses, were required to keep up with the growth of the business.  In 1988 the business was finally ensconced in its own unit.  With a steady increase in sales, Duchess Sales has been able to explore new avenues of revenue, using all the latest technologies.

Duchess Sales has always been in the lead researching new ways to adapt to the new technological changes in this industry, and to the needs of its ever-growing client base.

With the explosion of the "net," the information highway is making available a prospective client base of enormous potential and to source out new suppliers.  Which would lead to our next goal - World Wide Promotions.

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